I will be forever grateful to the people who introduced me to the living experience of Deep Ecology in France and in Spain, and who trained me in the facilitation of the Work That Reconnects and Circles of Active Hope. They are:



Deep Gratitude!

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Healing individua,ancestral and collective trauma, with Thomas Hübl, a master on the theme : podcast and YouTube

ECCHR: The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights: an independent, non-profit human rights organization that develops and uses groundbreaking, unexpected legal intervention to challenge injustice and human rights violations. The Whistleblower Edward Snowden says about it: "ECCHR is one of the only institutions in Europe reshaping what we think of law and accountability."

If you wish for help in writing a Declaration of Rights for a natural spot near you, these associations may be helpful: WildLegal and Notreaffaireatous.

News about the ecological and social emergency by a committed French journalist, Paloma Moritz, the ecological writer for Blast.

For information about our responsibility to future generations, concerning nuclear waste
Nuclear Guardianship Ethic

The work of Ludmila in Russia to help people live with radioactivity

A project to give clear info about the state of the nuclear industry in France. Website and YouTube channel.

The website of Toulouse-en-Transition, linking to the Inner Transition page
Inner Transition in Toulouse, France

A friend providing "Alchemy of Possibilities" energy work

A friend doing The Work That Reconnects / Mindfulness and Deep Ecology workshops in France

Coaching in French to help move through eco-anxiety and facilitate your transition to living in a way that protects and sustains life
Charlotte Orliac
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Charlotte Orliac - Coach en transitions personnelles et professionnelles

The director of "Once You Know" Emmanuel Cappellin has created this website, in French, which he hopes to translate into English in the long term also.
Roots of Resilience