Deep thanks to many people who have helped me to reach the flow state where my innate trust in Life is a constant foundation and informs all of my choices, making most of them easier!

These are people and associations who have given me concrete experience of what it means to be a part of widening circles.

Joanna Macy
The Work That Reconnects
Roseaux Dansants
Active Hope Training

Thanks also to Pierre Rabhi's inspiration for joyful sobriety and the Colibris for creating this platform, as well as Magalie for her invaluable guidance in how to use it!

Loving thanks to all my friends and family who are constant sources of inspiration and support.

And finally, immense gratitude and love for my companion Pedro who trusts me totally in my multifarious projects, inspires me with his wisdom and humour, and joins me in plotting never-ending new adventures!