Forêts Préservées

image Fangesmosslandscape.jpeg (5.4MB)
Fanges landscape

Forêts Préservées is an endowment fund created to protect Pyrenean forests from damage by over-exploitation. They catalogue and defend old forest areas, in particular by buying up the forest land to save it from commercial use that is likely to threaten the biodiversity.

The objectives of the initiative include favouring a harmonious relationship between mankind and the rest of nature, as well as deeper complementarity between the mountain and all its visitors. Their actions aim to further understanding of what is at stake for all beings that participate in this ecosystem.

These photos come from a walk in one of the protected forests, a timeless place of endless diversity and softness. Our guide was Hugo, who participates with passion and perseverance in the activities of Forêts Préservées.

image Fangefleurs.jpeg (3.7MB)
Fanges flowers

image Fangesfern.jpeg (2.9MB)
Fanges fern

image Fangesmosshands.jpeg (3.9MB)
Fanges moss hands

image Fangesmushrooms.jpeg (6.0MB)
Fanges mushrooms

image FangesAHM.jpeg (5.4MB)
With kind permission of my friends Amaya, Hugo and Marjorie