Deep Ecology Dictionary Fr-Eng-definitions

I have encountered challenges in translating terms from French to English and vice-versa.
So I would like to share here my best efforts at translating certain terms.
I invite you to add any comments at the bottom of the page, that you think will add to the clarity of some of the listings, and to suggest additions to this dictionary with your own translation treasures.

The listings are in alphabetical order of the English words.

English word
adaptation delayism
the Great Turning

the Great Unravelling / le grand détricotage !

starter sentences
ref. Jem Bendell
(not sure really about this...)
(ref: Joanna Macy, who popularised the term, and originally Craig Schindler & Gary Lipid, who coined the term and wrote the book of that name)
(ref: Joanna Macy)

French word
résistance à l'adaptation
absorption de CO2
le Changement de Cap

la Grande Désintégration

phrases ouvertes

(2nd translation to convey the image of a ball of wool rolling and rolling, till it becomes a long and fragile string with no structure, or a pullover being unwound, to knit something new ?!)