Sites / Apps

After 25 years or so of teaching English, mainly to to professional adults, I am putting here my selection of websites and apps that have stood the test of time. I recommend these again and again to students over the years. I hope you may find some useful to try.

image ZsannaLundy.jpeg (2.9MB)
Zsanna on Lundy Island, photo by Pedro

TED This is a huge collection of presentations by people with accents from all over the world, mostly speaking English. You can watch with subtitles in English, slow down the speed, read the transcripts afterwards, see the transcripts in your own language and filter videos for duration.

Lyrics Training Listen to songs in English, choose the difficulty level, fill in the blanks with words removed from the text or sing along karaoke-style if you prefer!

Easy English Great You Tube channel for kids, old and young! Many themes, sections for vocabulary, grammar, phrasal verbs, idioms, functional (shopping, airports, restaurants, etc.)

Breaking News English There is so much on this website. It is really worth exploring. One article is declined in many level-versions, then multiple exercises are added: listening, gap filling of my favourites...fill in the vowels that have been removed!

Grammar quizzes This is a vast website, so to find your way around, you need to know how to name what you're looking for (verbs, comparisons, relative pronouns etc.). At the top of each section you can do a general diagnostic test which analyses your mistakes and links you to the exercises you most need. Clear presentation of grammar points.

Babbel I can only speak for the Spanish version which I use personally! This is a paying app but I find it fits my lifestyle well and helps me progress in Spanish. My partner uses it for French and is progressing, too.

This is just a mini-selection of the best-ofs! There are so many good websites and apps out there. Enjoy your explorations!