Transition Network

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photo by Fred G

Rob Hopkins and Chris Johnstone led the first 'unleashing!' meeting for Transition Town Totnes in 2006. And in 2007 Rob Hopkins co-founded the charity Transition Network UK, starting a movement which has since spread worldwide.

The Transition Network's approach was inspired by Chris Johnstone's work in the field of addiction. Rob Hopkins started sharing his perception that humanity is currently addicted to oil. He worked with Chris to reflect on how the methods used to treat individual addiction might be applied collectively, in order to wean humanity off oil dependency and give ourselves the opportunity to construct more resilient cultures and communities.

Rob Hopkins' book: From What Is to What If, is a very inspiring taster of the various applications of opening our imagination to creative future possibilities.
He also does a great podcast, From What If to What Next.

As Chris Johnstone says in the Deep Time section of his Active Hope Training, introducing a video with Rob Hopkins, "The transition approach is based on a wider view of time - recognising that the 'business as usual' mode is heading for a crash, and that we can 'transition' towards a more resilient and sustainable way of living now."

During the conversation, Rob Hopkins talks of the revolution of the imagination that is necessary now. He reminds us that when we listen to the climate science it seems clear that we have until the year 2030 to completely reinvent the way we function. If not the human experiment will either be over or the prospects extremely dismal. He explores the delights of replacing our habit of saying "Yes, but..." with "Yes, and....". So simple, so creative!

This page contains a 2-minute video gives the history of the Transition Network and the widespread movement that has grown since the inception in 2006.

And this one gives a brief history of the Inner Transition.

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