Active Hope Training

Chris Johnstone created the Active Hope Training, based on his work with Joanna Macy and the book they co-wrote, called Active Hope.

It is an online training in English, designed to last 7 weeks in individual work, but as you do it at your own pace, the duration is up to you.

A video introducing the training can be found on this page.

Chris also provides training for those who wish to facilitate Circles of Active Hope, which are opportunities to consider the themes of the book or the online training in groups. These can be in person or online.

I was drawn to take this facilitator training and have started a Circle of Active Hope for French speakers. The participants are comfortable enough in English that they can follow the online training videos and texts in English. This individual work is preparation for our group sessions in French online. The participants also do partner work between sessions, in the language of their choice. Thus a web of connection builds in the group that supports all the participants as they explore their own unique contribution to the Great Turning.

My long-term intention is to work with others who share my desire to develop a French version of the Active Hope Training, encouraged by Chris Johnstone and staying faithful to the spirit of his Active Hope Training in English. The first step for me is to master the YesWiki tools with which this website is created, in order to be able to develop a Learner Management System, or MOOC as the platform for the training. My own technical training is planned for the spring of 2023.

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Swan Ossaja

Sources of my intention as a facilitator

What resonates particularly for me in the Active Hope Training is the invitation to connect with our deepest desires, to identify the steps we can take towards them and to feel supported in starting the dance! I am convinced that if everyone could be true to themselves and do what their hearts really long for, our world could -- even yet -- be a harmonious, peaceful and joyful place to live.

My deepest desire is to share with others this adventure of connecting with the dynamic colours and forms of our unique contributions to the healing of our Earth. I intend for these Circles of Active Hope to be an opportunity to celebrate weaving new cloth together while singing new songs.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Chris Johnstone and Madeleine Young, the guides I had in my facilitator training. Their extraordinary inspiration and support left indelible traces in me.