I regularly co-facilitate Work That Reconnects workshops in France.
See my calendar page for details of upcoming spirals.

I am opening a Circle of Active Hope in October 2022 for those who may be interested.
This means following sessions in French in groups every 2 weeks, and in complement, following the Active Hope online training in individual work, at your own rhythm. The online training has videos and texts in English (and a few in French -- my intention is to help the French translations gradually increase with time!). The rhythm for the Circle is 8 sessions, one every 2 weeks for 4 months, with some pauses. The payment will be based on the conscious participation, or pay-it-forward, approach. You choose what you may wish to give, according to your means.

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Circles of Active Hope

English training

  • in person in Toulouse
  • or via Zoom
  • accompanying you with English lessons that help you to understand the Active Hope MOOC designed by Chris Johnstone, the co-author of the book with Joanna Macy, Active Hope. I can help you to read the texts, do the practices and interact with the website, posting your comments etc.
  • Active Hope training



I wish to be of service to life-sustaining initiatives, while also remembering that I still need to pay my rent for the moment!
So I'm happy to offer one-off services free, and if you wish to have regular lessons or have a longer proofreading project, we can discuss a price that works for you. Or you could propose me some other service in return. There are so many things I need to learn, like how to manage websites, how to use social networks, how to manage image files, ongoing Spanish learning, hands-in-the-ground permaculture (I know the theory but...) and the list goes on....

For more information contact me, Zsanna, on: