Who am I?

My name is Zsanna. I am English, with Hungarian origins on my father's side. I spent 10 years in an intentional spiritual community in England, Canada and the United States, before settling in France, where I have lived for 33 years, although I currently spend half my time in Spain also.

From the Hunger Project in the 70s, whose objective was healthy food available for all human beings, to the Transition Network that I encountered in 2020, I have always hoped to participate in a smooth transition from the rapacious industrial growth society to a culture that supports Life everywhere on Earth. Now that we've come this far in the Great Unraveling, I wish to encourage the beings who feel called to preserving and healing Life on Earth. My discovery of the Work That Reconnects in 2021 allowed me to experience and share my deep sense of the natural and harmonious connection of all living beings.

I am convinced that each of us finds their best contribution to the Great Turning which is now underway by doing what we love and are naturally inclined and talented to do.

My experience is that this serious transformation work that we all need to do right now can be carried out by immersing ourselves in humour, laughter, singing, dance and sharing beauty of all kinds.

I deeply believe that the sacred and the joyful are natural allies.

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Sharing our Love for Life

The terms I have put in bold in this text are those used frequently by Joanna Macy, creator of the Work That Reconnects, who in March 2022 contributed these words to the blog of the Great Turning Experiment: "It is this knife-edge of uncertainty we're standing on that can elicit our greatest gifts and our greatest unfolding.... where we come alive to our truest power."

~ Joanna Macy