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Les "Pousses de Versailles" are a group of inhabitants inspired by the national movement of Colibris.
Our approach is based on the respect of the Earth and of life on Earth. We promote sobriety in terms of consumption, and an evolution of education toward solidarity and cooperation, and we more generally propose to become aware of our everyday actions.

The name of Les Colibris (the Hummingbirds) comes from an Indigenous American legend that tells the story of a hummingbird. The idea is to "do one's bit", to act by oneself, to initiate individual actions. We hold the conviction that acting in such a way can, without delay, here and now, improve one?s life as well as the life of the others and also the planet and our environment.
A change in our individual behaviour is crucial : we can only change the world by changing ourselves.
In concrete terms, since the beginning of 2015, we have been more than 800 inhabitants in Versailles to propose actions / events / workshops / projects / conferences / projections / nature workcamps in order to act concretely.
Today 15 active and regular activity groups have been formed. They carry out actions regarding waste reduction, community gardens, biodiversity, energy reduction, natural water, a ressourcerie, education, a local currency with the SEL, the use of digital tools, food supply and Non Violent Communication.

There is no subscription to Les Pousses de Versailles, everyone is free to participate, or not, in an action or a project.
As soon as a person wants to join in, s.he can go to a "Accueil Nouvel Adhérent" (Welcome Newcomers) meeting or directly join a project or a group. All our actions are available on the website. You can receive the newsletter (in French) sent every 10 days.
What subjects are you motivated in ? In which field would you like to do your bit ? Contact us