Why are we celebrating? And what?

Very brief summary: while we have real concerns about the future, we believe that we can only face it with joy and in community ! Thus, we unite and we celebrate !

How did this happen?
We were sitting in a tiny hut in the Austrian Alps..., a former mill built over a small stream, without electricity. It was December 2017 - the mill and the surrounding hillsides, forests and mountains were covered with snow. We were listening to the stream underneath our feet, when Nora asked
"Do you want to be my partner in life?" and Anselm asked
"Do you want to organize a BIG celebration with me, inviting everyone we love?"
That's how this happened.

Context & Active Hope
At the same time as we are quite excited about organising this celebration, we can't help being conscious of many parts of the world and our eco-sphere in general being in deep trouble. We are saying a few words about it here, because...

...courageously facing an uncertain and potentially difficult future, while cultivating joyful ACTIVE HOPE is one of the main challenges we want to take on as a couple !
For French speakers, here is a video of the author Pablo Servigne, summing up some of the interdisciplinary and systemic research behind our concerns (if you don't have time, you could start at minute 25.27). For English speakers, you could check out the 2016 Bioscience paper called "Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice" , co-signed by 15 000 scientists.
And to face all that, we are deeply inspired by the work of Joanna Macy , who coined the term Active Hope.
In this context, we feel even more fortunate to have the possibility to organize a gathering to celebrate the preciousness of each moment, our joy of being together, and our love of life, friendship, and nature with you all !

Why FOUR days ?
On a Saturday celebration, we could have a ceremony, then eat, dance, drink and laugh together.
But we also want:
  • to actually have time to talk to you,
  • family and old friends to have time to see each other and catch up,
  • you to meet our other friends and family whom you might not know,
  • and more generally, simply have the opportunity to share moments of what we love or find really important with you.
On top of that, we thought you might enjoy spending some of your summer holidays with us and many great people, playing games, dancing and celebrating.

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