The very short version:
  • location – La Bussière, 58360 Sémelay, France
  • how to get there – train to Luzy (15 mins from the location) – there will be shuttles!
  • where to sleep – camp on site or rent a room nearby
  • what to bring – everything from waterproof hiking shoes/boots to your fancy dress


If your heart jumps in joy at our invitation and you want to live the whole thing with us, come in the evening of Wednesday 24th July 2019. Dinner's at 7.30pm.
If that isn‘t possible, we'd love you to arrive for dinner on Friday 26th July and spend all of Saturday & some of Sunday with us.
And if that also is tough, then be sure to be there Saturday 27th July at noon.
Official ending will be Sunday 28th in the afternoon.


Our celebration will take place in the Château de la Bussière near the little town of Luzy, on the southern tip of the MORVAN, which is quite probably our most favourite part of the world. Mostly because of its beautiful valleys and rolling hills; its thick forests; its pastures dotted with charolaise cows or horses; its forlorn and winding little roads... but also because we have friends, family and stories there. Plus, it is in the general area where we have now put down our roots and are hoping to stay for the long term.

Le château de LA BUSSIERE is a beautiful mansion with a splendid view, dating back to the early Middle Ages. There's plenty of space for a big festivity and big pastures (without cows) we can wander around in. The Epinat family who own the château are excited about our event and are giving us plenty of room to make the place our own for the time of our celebration.

Le château de la Bussière - 58360 Semelay - France
Click here for a link to the exact location.
image Screenshot_20190106_Chateau_de_la_Bussiere_a_Semelay_en_Morvan_Gites_et_Chambres_dhotes_Gite_du_Chateau_exterieur__Le_C.png (0.5MB)


Treading lightly
We would love it, if you could all come by train! If you can't, what if you fill up your cars with other invitees ?!! (see who lives near you or on your way in the section called "Map & Invitees"). And if you are coming from overseas, well... let's just hope that CO2 emmission and great joy and love somehow cancel each other out in the greater scheme of things... :-)
Anyway, we are immensely grateful that you are making the journey for us !
Public transport
There's a little train station in Luzy, about 15mins from la Bussière by car. It's on the TER line Dijon-Nevers with direct trains to and from Paris at both ends. There's a train every 1-2 hours in each direction - which is not bad for a small town like this!
Our plan is to organise shuttles to and from the train station on Wednesday evening, Friday evening and Saturday morning.
If you arrive on Wednesday or Friday, it would be great if you could get to Luzy with the train arriving at 18h26 or 18h33.
Similarly for co-voiturage / car-sharing - it'd be great if you can find a car that drops you in Luzy around that time - or in Dijon/Nevers in time to get that train (leaves Dijon at 17h11 and Nevers at 17h31 ). That way we can pick up several people at the same time.
From Luzy (meaning you're coming from the south or east), you take the D985 direction NW towards Saint-Honoré-les-Bains and after ~11km you'll see the château up on the top of the hill to your right.
From Saint-Honoré-les-Bains (if you're coming from the North or West, likely via Nevers) it's about 9,5km SE towards Luzy on the D985. Then turn left.
From either side, you turn off the D985 at a 4-way crossing. There's a large cross sitting on a pile of rocks in the field to the north-east – and there's a little sign for "la Bussière", but it's only visible when coming from Luzy. Turn there and immediately turn left, up the little road that is completely grown over like a green tunnel.


This is mostly an OUTDOORS wedding !! (surprised ? ;-))
Camping on-site
The Epinat Family and their cousin and neighbour Pierre d'Été are kind enough to let us use a beautiful piece of woody pasture (without cows) for camping purposes. To make this as comfortable as possible, especially for camping beginners - we will have the following in place: toilets, showers and a space to change into your fancy clothes... :-)
And if you want to camp, but are missing some equipment, tell us in advance and we can help organise some stuff.
Rooms on-site
There are rooms (and one little dormitory) in the château and in Pierre's "Domaine de la Chaume" 100m away, for people who need a real bed right next to where it's all happening. These might be filling up fast by family, people who cannot camp for health or age reasons, and parents with little babies... but do not hesitate to ask us if there's a room left ! in other words: if having a room right next to where it is all happening is your preference, please tell us in the questionnaire, there will certainly be a good solution for everyone !
Guest houses etc nearby
We would love to have you all on-site, but if camping's just not your cup of tea, and the rooms on-site are full, there are quite a few gîtes and bed & breakfasts within 15 minutes driving, mostly in Saint-Honoré-les-Bains and Luzy. You can book these via airbnb or this website . And the more of you stay in those two towns, the more you can share rides to and from La Buissière, i.e. even if you're coming by train, we'll all work together to get everyone to and from their guest houses/hotel every day.


Again: This is an OUTDOORS wedding! (still surprised ? ;-))
This means we'll be spending a lot of time on the gravel in front of the château, on the grass in the park, in or under the trees or in the little forest nearby. We'll play games, we'll have chats, we'll sing songs, we'll dance, we'll go for walks and we'll also do some cooking and dish-washing together.

So in terms of clothing please bring:
  • 2 sets of comfortable clothes that can get dirty or ripped,
  • a set of really warm clothes in case it gets cold (the only heating possible will be - dancing ! :-))
  • some good walking and running shoes or boots,
  • an apron (F: un tablier, D: eine Schürze - we'll have a competition for the fanciest one!)
  • a rain jacket (you never know!) and/or umbrella if you come by car: rain boots !

While for the first days, we advise comfortable, summery country-side clothing, for the celebration on Saturday, the one word that best describes what we have in mind is "FANCY!!". Meaning this could be the chance to wear that crazy or glamourous dress, suit, skirt or shirt you never get the opportunity to wear, because it's just a little too much for most occasions! On THIS occasion, it'll be perfect!
And keep in mind that there'll be a lot of dancing...

Needless to say, if dressing up is not your thing: there is nothing mandatory of course - come whichever way you feel comfortable.

Other than clothes, please bring:
  • instruments
  • songs - we have a song or two we want to share, so if there's something you'd like to sing - great!
  • good stories, games, or dances