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Please take a few minutes to fill in this form to help us plan and organise this fabulous festivity. Ideally, you do this once you've decided most things for this event: whether or not you're coming, for how long, how you travel, type of accomodation etc... but you can also come back later and edit what you entered, via the map page.

If you cannot come to our celebration or are very unsure, don't worry about filling in this questionnaire, just let us know (via phone, Email or letter - whichever way you prefer).

The little blue question marks give further instructions on how or what to fill in.

Contacts & address

To allow us to visualise where everyone is coming from, but also to potentially allow people to share rides to the celebration, please put in the location where you'll be travelling from. Then - VERY IMPORTANT! - click on the green button below, which will allow your location to be shown on the map.

If your location isn't recognised, please just move the place mark to the right location.

Who's coming?

Travel & transportation

Let's see how we can get you here as cleanly as possible...


The details about the accomodation options are described in the logistics section of this page.


Are you one of those annoying persons that has dietary requirements? Well, don't worry - we are, too (no gluten for Nora and Anselm doesn't yet eat insects).

In general, the food at our celebration will be mostly local, seasonal and organic with little, but some meat.

Contributing and questions

We assume you've read about the spirit of our event and have seen the list of ideas and needs in the section on presents.

So you know that for us your presence is the biggest present and contribution of all! But if there is any other way you'd like to contribute to our event, or something you'd like to propose, please let us know here.

Do you have any other questions or comments about our celebration, this website or the invitation process?

When you're all done, please press the green button below this text.