Adhere to Hearthloom Label

Label Commitments

These Guidelines are the Contract Agreement between you and Hearthloom organization and members.

By joining this community I agree with the following Principles :

I am respectful of others✨

I am responsible for my own life✨

All my actions and decisions will be based on permaculture ethics: Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share✨

I share my gift with the community and share and open up to abundance ✨
We consider that everyone has something to share with the community, whether it's some knowledge, wisdom, art, goods, know-how, or just love. We are all students and teachers at the same time. As recievers of the community's gifts, we hold the responsibility to share it with the world in reciprocity.

I agree to solve any issues with other members through Hearthloom mediation ✨

I commit to follow these guidelines as I join the community.

I adhere to this Label