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You are welcome to join the movement to share your love for nature with like-minded people.
We consider that everyone has something to share with the community, whether it's some knowledge, wisdom, art, goods, know-how, or just love. We are all students and teachers at the same time. As recievers of the community's gifts, we hold the responsibility to share it with the world in reciprocity.


Hearthloom weaves communities of free-minded people, seedling love and care for eachother and for the Earth.

Hearthloom (heart + earth + loom) is inspired by heirloom seeds where old varieties of seeds get passed on to be sowed and harvested through generations and communities. Likewise, Hearthloom is a movement that weaves love for the earth and the nature within people’s hearts and connects communities through local activities and contributive tools.

These activities are meant to empower people to reconnect to their individual soveregnity and autonomy as well as to live in harmony with their environment. Check out or add upcoming activities in your area in the sections below.

This is a contributive website. It is going to evolve as the communities needs evolve. This is a beta test version of it.

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