Before you engage them in combat, you need to make sure that your idle breakout are very powerful and that your prestige has been increased. Only then should you confront them. In the same manner as with gold bricks, the most efficient method of attacking them is to take use of the accuracy of the Sniper Ball by positioning them in the upper half of the screen when they are on it. This will allow you to deal more damage to them. Because of this, you will be able to slash their health even more swiftly than you were previously able to do so.
You can use points to buy new balls with a range of skills, and then you can enhance those balls after you've bought them. When the balls hit the bricks, they will automatically bounce off of them and destroy them, which will result in the scoring of additional points. Determine which upgrades will yield the greatest return on investment so that you can smash the maximum number of bricks.
They come in a limitless variety of the ball power, which I currently have on 35, 117, 215, 350, 1000, and 250 correspondingly. Yes, even the simplest ball ones, which can only perform one action at a time, have the potential to reach all the way up to one billion billion (trillion). And that, for a game that requires so little skill, is nothing short of amazing!