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With this in mind, I went to Bachelor Number 23′s house on Saturday afternoon, quite hungover, very tired, but looking forward to spending time with him and working all of this out. I arrived at his apartment complex and he came down to the carpark to meet me. He greeted me with a long kiss, and we went upstairs. He introduced me to his flatmate and we settled in to watch a movie on the couch.

Of course, he immediately wrapped me up in a hug to watch the movie but I was tired and fragile, so I really didn’t mind.

Half way through the movie his flatmate left to go shopping, and he immediately got more adventurous with his cuddling. Every time I looked up at him he was staring at me. It was a little off-putting. I didn’t know if it was coincidence.

Whilst I was away in Canberra he had been promising to give me a neck massage. I can’t remember why. But anyway, he started massaging my neck and shoulders, and it was really good. I was honestly thinking to myself that I could really get used to it. I decided I would sleep with him, see how it went.

I’m the kind of person who, once I make a decision, very rarely change my mind. I wish I wasn’t. Because there were several points where I probably could have changed my mind and he would have been fine with it. He’s that nice. Too nice. So nice he didn’t do ANYTHING. So nice that I had to move us to the next level. Several times.

So nice that he asked for instructions. During. Yep. Seriously. Obviously he wanted only to do the things I wanted him to do.

It was frustrating, it was bad, and it was over way too quickly.

Afterwards I fell asleep in his bed (surprising as I was being smothered by him, and I don’t sleep well being smothered), and woke up a couple of hours later sweaty and tangled. We had sex again, and I was hopeful it would get better. But it didn’t.