How can Stumble guys be played?
When you first join the Stumble Guys game, there are a lot of guys in different colors. They want the same things you do. Time is running out. Up to 32 people can play the game. Every game has its own set of levels. Your character is moved around the game with the arrow keys. Try to run, move, and jump over the different obstacles as quickly as you can. After each round, only a certain number of players are allowed to move on to the next round, and the rest are out. As you go further in the game, it gets harder. Because of this, there will be more problems. The winner is the last person standing.
You will run into many problems and silly obstacles, like drops and things that move, that will stop you from getting to the finish line. If you fail, just start over and try again!
Stay on your feet, kill your opponents, get past the obstacles, and you'll win.
If you like battle royale games and want to test your skills in a variety of minigames, this is the game for you. It's a great replacement for Fall Guys.