May 22, 201by James Reeves

In fact, snow that settles on a roof can cause serious problems.

A few inches of snow is, very heavy, and can easily damage your roof without being there for very long, and on a flat roof ? perhaps a garage or other area ? it can even cause collapse if it is left too long.
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What you need is a roof snow removal tool, and the answer lies in snow roof rakes, a cleverly-designed device that is intended specifically for the purpose of raking snow off your roof without causing any damage.
Should you rake your roof?
We took a look at some of the very best available right now, and we reckon there must be one among our list of for you, so let?s have a closer look at the top as we see it.
This is one with something of a difference, and we like it a lot! The Avalanche roof rake a complete removal system that, by clever design, removes snow from surfaces by effectively cutting it away, and delivers it via a clever slide.

The Avalanche snow roof rake also comes with to make things a lot easier and to protect the roof shingles and any other surfaces you may be working with, and it is a four-part construction that simply snaps together, with no further tools needed.
Garant GPRRU4R Yukon Snow Rake
This model is smaller than some at just 15-feet in length ? that?s with all three of the 3-foot sections in place, you can use any combination ? so will be good only for those with smaller, lower buildings to clear.

One thing that we should mention is that the 24-inch blade is plastic, although a that. Some of the above have aluminum blades which are inherently stronger, so if you have a lot of snow to move, this might not be the one. Nevertheless, it?s good, and it comes at a sensible price.
The standard design of snow rakes is akin to this, but there are some clever differences with this one. Indeed, it features a patented roller system ? small, free-moving rollers attached to the base of the frame that surrounds the scoop mean the actual bucket never touches the shingles.

It?s a 21? reach model that is also made from aluminum, yet this one is somewhat bulkier than that above and weighs in at almost 6lb. The handle is in sections in order that you can vary your reach.

It?s a very decent rake that can also be bought in a smaller 16? version ? so if you have a lower building that may be a cost-saving for you ? and it is very durable too, so certainly worth considering.
You can clear your roof to times faster than traditional snow rakes.
Lightweight and easy to use, the SnowPeeler features a robust, commercial-grade tapered aluminum cutting blade and snow slide canvas which are both ultra-durable and can scrape through even the toughest hard-packed snow and ice.

PolarMade , which is this snow rake?s manufacturer, has definitely pulled out all the stops to design an all-in-one snow rake that blends premium construction, ergonomics, ease of use and performance.
Snow Joe 21? Telescopic Handle Snow Rake

One of the leading brands in winter equipment for household use, Snow Joe is always on the lookout for innovative design touches. Rather than being a multi-piece construction, this is a telescopic design.

Ames Inc True Temper Roof Rake
Our final choice is another well-made model in traditional design. This one offers a maximum reach of 17ft and is a telescoping design, so there is no need to connect the parts of the rod together.

A 24-inch poly blade is a clearing end, with a rubbing strip that gives it extra anti-wear capability, and it is easy to use and a sensible price.
However, we feel that the short length of this one lets it down, even though it is a capable device. Worth a look if you don?t need a long one.
Suncast SRR2100 Snow Roof Rake
This is a standard-type of snow roof rake that makes a lot of sense, especially at what is a very decent price.

This model has a 24inch x 7inch blade ? that?s deeper than many on here and good for heavy falls ? that will clear away a lot of snow in very quick time, and the blade itself is graphite so it does not stick when wet.
It weighs less than 8lbs when in use, not the lightest but by no means heavy, is easy to use and nicely made, and it?s one to look at carefully.
We will be talking in more detail about the features you need to look for in a snow roof rake, but quite clearly, one of them is the reach it has, as determined by the length.

The 25? x 6? blade gives you plenty of clearing power, too, so you can move a good depth of snow in a very short time. . It comes in three sections, which means you can reduce or extend it to your requirements, and it is very sturdy and durable too.
This is a very nice, very typical snow roof rake that comes to you disassembled ? it?s easy to put together so no worries there ? and at a sensible price, so well worth adding to the shortlist.
Reach ? the length of the handle, and the reach it provides is of primary importance. Those above stretch from 1to 2feet.
Weight ? you want one that is light enough to move around easily, but not so flimsy it will break under the weight.
Width ? how wide is the clearing blade or scoop? These range from less than two feet to around 25inches, so choose carefully..