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Is it any wonder that most white women from the interior and city suburb are attracted to the “All-American Abercrobie” type guys even if they move into the city and consider themselves “cosmopolitan?” No is the answer and, it is no different that them thinking they “naturally” desire a certain fashion and upwardly mobile lifestyle.

Let me tell you folks that Madison Ave has you coming and going. It promotes certain things that we should reward, mainly white males. This is “naturally” why they get the most response and Blacks males don’t.

Black and Hispanic males are portrayed as “less than” or are a sexual fetish in some cases. Asian and South Asian males? Well, they are not even on the radar for poster boys of strong male images like White males.

I think what is interesting is how [the recent influx] Asians and South Asian in their assimilation to “American” values [over the past few decades] seem to prefer White Americans over Blacks even if they are of the same middle class background. They don’t really “see” themselves as “people of color.”

Now you can’t tell me this is “natural” versus social and media conditioning to adopt valuing one group of people over another.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all find happiness with whomever regardless of race.