Welcome !

Let's do our part !

We think, like a lot of people, WE get more power than we imagine.
Then, doing little things to help the life in a general way (planet, people, animal and yourself), make more sense.

No need to leave naked under a tree and eat some grass, we can just try to change some of our habits, to little by little, be closer from what's we feel as good.
And also we believe nothing if perfect and never gonna be, and even the little things are bigger than we think cause they lead to something witch gonna be bigger in the future.
(L'ets take the ciggies if you smoke everyday, you decide to take one ciggie less per day, at the end of the week it's 7 less...)

Here we gonna try to give some tips we can do and alternatives ways of doing to make it better for everyone.

We will try to put often new tips in the website.
If you have any ideas, things to correct, feedbacks or others, you can send us an e-mail at : letsdoapart@netc.eu

Peace ✌️

Little Story of the Hummingbird, to illustrate the "let's do our part" here : HummingbirdStory