This is one of my favourite creativity quotes of all time. The American composer Aaron Copland said, “Inspiration may be a form of super-consciousness or perhaps subconsciousness: I wouldn’t know. But I am sure it is the antithesis of self-consciousness.”

Bernstein (l) and Copland

Surely that sums up the state of “flow” that we all aspire to… when we’re so engrossed in our work that we forget ourselves. There’s certainly no sign of self-consciousness in Copland’s big-hearted music.

3. J S Bach
I found this quote in the booklet notes to a recording by the pianist Angela Hewitt, who wrote that when the elderly Bach was asked to reveal the secret of his success, he simply replied, “I was obliged to be industrious; whoever is equally industrious will succeed equally well.”

What a modest human being, and although it’s hard to take those words at face value, there’s inspiration to be had and a salutary reminder. Must. Work. Harder. Preferably with Bach playing in the background…

4. Leonard Bernstein
The great American composer, performer and broadcaster is a rich source of inspiration. In his series of Norton lectures “The Unanswered Question”, back in 1973, Bernstein himself referred to one of history’s greatest thinkers, reminding his audience: “Einstein said that 'the most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.' So why do so many of us try to explain the beauty of music quotes , thus depriving it of its mystery?”

5. Nadia Boulanger
The teacher, conductor and composer Nadia Boulanger said, “To study music, we must learn the rules. To create music, we must break them.”

So many composers seem to follow this pattern… studying the traditional styles of their predecessors yet going on to create brave new forms and sounds. Think of a composer like Erik Satie: although he studied counterpoint at the Schola Cantorum, his own music made genius use of harmonies moving in parallel motion – something that hadn’t been favoured in classical music since medieval times.
Eslabon Armado, Los Dos Carnales, and Carin Leon hit the stage at the 2021 Billboard Latin Music Week in Miami to have a conversation on the globalization of regional Mexican music.

Coined “Regional No More – Mexican Music Goes Global” and moderated by Jimmy Humilde, founder and CEO of indie label Rancho Humilde, the star-studded panel discussed regional Mexican music’s new sound and dance quotes and popularity as it sees a significant growth on the charts and expands its audience thanks to the new generation that’s led renaissance.

Below, read some of the best quotes from the conversation on Wednesday (Sept. 22):

CARIN LEÓN: “We have the obligation to show the public that there are people who really do art and find their identity. Right now, we’re seeing the rebirth of all genres.”

ESLABON ARMADO: “This new wave of Mexican music is taking social media into account. We think that in order to be big, we need to expand.”

JIMMY HUMILDE: “I represent Mexican music. I don’t want to be called ‘regional’ anymore. If anything, we are international Mexican music.”

LOS DOS CARNALES: “A lot of people forgot about the norteño genre. These are our roots. We’re always up to experiment with new genres but as long as Mexican music reaches all parts of the world.”

Latin Music Week coincides with the Billboard Latin Music Awards taking place Thursday, Sept. 23 via Telemundo.

Considered the longest-running awards show in Latin music, the Billboard Latin Music Awards is the only awards show to honor the most popular albums, songs, and performers in Latin music as determined by the sales, streaming radio airplay, and social data that informs Billboard’s weekly charts during a one-year period.