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Hack4Nature was originally supposed to take place in real life for the IUCN congress. Because of the Covid pandemic, we have decided to run a fully online Hackathon over the course of one year with one challenge per month.

Hack4Nature is a virtual event that take place from septembre 2020 to septembre 2021.
During these months will try to hack together hardware, software or low tech solutions to the current biodiversity crisis.

The meetings will take place on slack the first monday of every month at 12 GMT.


If you want to participate to an existing challenge add your name to the page.
If you have an idea and would like us to think about it please add it to the idea list.

Except for the fours challenges, the order can be changed and we will be voting to choose the challenges after the first allready planned.
We will be needing a leader for each challenge ready to commit at least 24H during that month.

Here is the list for the first few months :

If you would like to contribute to these challenges join us on slack or edit this page (double click)


Everything we produce here is in creative common.

Code of conduct

Find our code of conduct here