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The Duc de Choiseul received many private warnings of his approaching fate; but did not, or affected not to apprehend it. On the contrary, he gave out that he alone could make the peace, to which Spain would consent solely from esteem and consideration of him. He added, that the peace made, he meant to retire. In the midst of this delirium, ???? or rather vaunt, the Duc de la Vrillière, with tears as insincere as Choiseul?s tranquillity, waited on him on the morning of the 24th of December with a written order from the King, commanding him to give up his post of Secretary of State and Postmaster-General, and enjoining him to retire to his seat at Chanteloup in Touraine, till he should hear farther. The Duc de Choiseul demanded if he might not delay till the following Wednesday, that his house might be aired. As La Vrillière hesitated, and seemed unwilling to bear that message, the Duke wrote to the King himself, and obliged the Minister to carry his letter. At night a repeated order came to depart the very next morning. ?Ah!? cried Choiseul, ?this is the drop that makes the glass run over!? He set out the next day with his wife and her physician.  The254 Duchesse de Grammont followed them on the Wednesday. At Longjumeau, a little way from Paris, several men of quality attached to him met him as he passed, and the Duke, who had behaved with great resolution, melted into tears. The Duchess,144 all her life a heroine and philosopher, maintained her dignity. She had often wished an end of her husband?s Administration, and once at dinner professed her desire of living retired with him; the Duchesse de Grammont said brutally, ?Reste à savoir s?il le voudroit aussi lui.? The company of that rival sister was sufficient to embitter all the happiness of living for ever with her beloved husband.145 The Duc de Praslin was banished to his country-house. Obscure officers were placed in their departments; but months passed before the principal conspirators255 assumed any authoritative posts. Paris swarmed with libels and execrations on them, the mistress, and the King; and Choiseul became adored, because his enemies were detestable or contemptible.146