The Duc de Choiseul received many private warnings of his approaching fate; but did not, or affected not to apprehend it. On the contrary, he gave out that he alone could make the peace, to which Spain would consent solely from esteem and consideration of him. He added, that the peace made, he meant to retire. In the midst of this delirium, ???? or rather vaunt, the Duc de la Vrillière, with tears as insincere as Choiseul?s tranquillity, waited on him on the morning of the 24th of December with a written order from the King, commanding him to give up his post of Secretary of State and Postmaster-General, and enjoining him to retire to his seat at Chanteloup in Touraine, till he should hear farther. The Duc de Choiseul demanded if he might not delay till the following Wednesday, that his house might be aired. As La Vrillière hesitated, and seemed unwilling to bear that message, the Duke wrote to the King himself, Lord Sandwich appointed to the Admiralty.?Haughty Tone assumed towards Spain.?Death of the Duke of Bedford.?Its Effect on Parties.?Law Preferments.?Declaration of Spain respecting the Falkland Islands.?Panegyric of Choiseul by Lord Chatham.?He moves that the Spanish Declaration be referred to the Judges.?Quarrel between Wilkes and Maclean.?Motion in the Lords to remit Pressing.?Artful Speech of Lord Chatham.?Close Struggle on the Nullum Tempus Bill.?Discussions on the Spanish Declaration in both Houses.?Explanation of Lord Weymouth.?Wilkes lays a plan for drawing the House of Commons into a Contest with the City.?His Success.?The Queen of Denmark throws herself into the French Faction.?Bill to allow the East India Company to keep a Regiment of Foot in England.?Meeting and Prorogation of the Irish Parliament.?Motion to ascertain the Duty of Juries.?Appeal of the Earl of Pomfret.?Resistance to the Commitment of Printers in the House of Commons and in the City.?Discussion on Privilege.?The Lord Mayor appears at the Bar.?Revelation respecting Barré?s Attack on Mr. Pitt.?Protracted Conflict with the City.?Spain becomes impatient for the Restitution of the Falkland Isles.?Character of Dr. Johnson.?Famine in Bengal.