?And we are wasting all your time,? said Mrs. Norton. ?Sophy, we must run away. If Diana has not the little things to do which we occupy ourselves with, she has other matters to think of. Dear Diana! how can I ever say all I think of your kindness! Nothing would make me accept it except the thought that we can perhaps, in our little way, make it ???? pleasanter for you too.?

She was very strong on this subject to everybody to whom it was mentioned afterwards. ?Yes,? she said, ?we are going to Switzerland. Dear Diana does not{161} like to travel alone; and, indeed, it is scarcely proper, for she is still quite what is considered a young lady, you know?though, of course, a very great deal older than my Sophy; and Diana has been so very kind to us that I like to do all I can to be of use to her. Sophy will enjoy it too. Oh, it is not at all disagreeable to me, I assure you,? she said, smiling with gentle friendliness and resignation. The chaplain?s wife, if no other, thought it was ?so kind? of Mrs. Norton to go to Switzerland with Miss Trelawny. ?It took them all by surprise, I believe, and they had made their plans to go home: but they are such good creatures, so unselfish! They have changed all their arrangements rather than that Miss Trelawny should have the annoyance of travelling alone.? This was repeated over and over again that afternoon in the little church coterie at a choir practice, where there was quite a flutter of admiration over the unselfishness of the two little ladies. The glee-party was all there, with the exception of Mrs. Hunstanton, whose absence, perhaps, was fortunate in the circumstances. As for Mrs. Norton, she never departed from this ground even in her most private moments. ?I am so fond of Diana that nothing is a trouble,? she said, ?she has always been such a friend;? and then it got whispered round, to the great admira{162}tion and surprise of everybody, that Miss Trelawny, though so great a lady, had once been Sophy?s governess. What a wonderful thing it was! everybody said; exactly like a romance in real life!