The Sterling Chainless will be made in two models; one for men and a drop frame design for women. Each lists at $125.

This chainless wheel is constructed on an entirely new and distinct principle by which all bearing points of the transmitting mechanism are incased and made absolutely proof against dust, dirt and weather conditions. The most noticeable part of this construction is the transmission of motive power to the rear hub, equally on both sides of the frame, this action being continuous at all times. It therefore gains over a bevel-gear construction not only the advantage of eliminating the friction always ???? present in a cog gear, but also removes the danger of springing the rear forks out of line by a sudden strain, which has been so difficult in all chainless wheels heretofore produced.

The crank-hanger of this wheel consists of a steel box in which is located the gearing mechanism. Within this box are two double-flanged, notched pulleys, over which runs a link belt especially made and designed for this construction. These pulleys are placed on the central line of the bicycle, the larger or front pulley which corresponds to the driving sprocket on the chain wheel, being secured to the driving crank axle by means of a thread and held in place by a reversed threaded lock-nut. The smaller or rear pulley is made in one piece with a crank axle, having on each end short cranks set quartering.