GEN-Europe Staff

Genny Carraro

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Genny Carraro (Managing Director, RIVE, Italy) was born in the Venice area (Italy). She lost her sight at the age of two due to a car accident. Her disability, she realised with time, is her biggest enemy as well as my best friend and motivator. She is curious, wants to know, discover, feel; she is an enthusiastic, determined and ironically restless child! Genny graduated in International and Diplomatic relations (Gorizia Italy) as her dream was to work for a better world from inside the institutions. However, they told her she couldn't serve her country as she doesn't have total physical integrity! So she decided to focus on what had always been in her heart â?? to give everyone the chance to live a dignified life! Genny attended a Masters in Humanitarian Assistance in Dublin, Ireland and immediately afterwards set up a non-governmental organisation (NGO) to work with street children in the Philippines, acting as P.R. and fundraiser for the European region and liaising with donors and beneficiaries. Amongst the many activities she got involved with whist living in Dublin, she worked in a radio station as a journalist raising awareness about environmental issues, political issues, immigration and integration.

In recent years Genny has focused mainly on environmental issues and facilitation methods, taking several training courses throughout Europe. This gave her the chance to meet lots of inspiring people and visit lots of different exciting places and life styles. In 2013, Genny became part of the founding group of a new intentional community in the Florence area (Italy). She is strongly convinced that only by supporting each other can we really express ourselves at the fullest. She offers workshops and group facilitations combining several techniques. Life experience teaches her every day that she can take care of the planet, of others, of relationships, only if she learns to see and welcome her own light and shadow sides, if she learns to listen and let go. To support herself and others on this path she decided to become founding member of the new-born Italian Process Work and Deep Democracy School and to start up a training group in Sociocracy - two methodologies that she hopes will support inner and outer conflict transformation, group dynamics and a healthy living.

Genny got involved with the Italian Ecovillage Network (RIVE) for which she became the International Relations Representative and took part in several European projects for adult and youth education. In February 2015, Genny was elected to the first Council of ECOLISE â?? a European network of local initiatives. A few months later she was appointed Managing Director of GEN Europe at the Arterra office in Spain. She thanks everyone for the trust!

Kariin Ottmar

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Kariin Ottmar (Manager of the project, Models of Sustainable Working, Ecovillage Sieben Linden, Germany). Kariin is an art therapist, psychologist, communications trainer and coach with long term experience in working with groups, teams and individuals. She is trainer and facilitator of her own courses on community building, personal growth and sustainability. After her studies in psychology she worked as a project manager for a qualitative social research project (in the Free University of Berlin) as long as she moved to Sieben Linden.
Kariin has been living in Sieben Linden for nine years, together with her son. In Sieben Linden she worked for six years in the Educational Centre as an educational referent. Since March, 2013 she has worked together with Jonathan as a project manager and trainer for the Global Ecoviallge Network. Her passion is to support people, groups and communities in their personal and collective growth. It delights her to be a part of the ecovillage movement.