Let's take a step further today to see what the financial authorities have to say and what the impact will be. There is Song Ji-hye, a reporter from the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

The financial authorities postponed it once in July, the announcement. You look very confident today. What's the difference? after July and now


The internal documents of Samsung  BioLogics, which the FSS obtained after it resumed its re-examination in July, seem to have played a crucial role in smoking.

The internal documents contain contexts that run counter to Samsung's explanation.

Samsung has argued that it has changed its accounting standards because its value has skyrocketed, raising the possibility of joint venture exercising call options.

However, the internal documents show that Samsung initially made the call option of the problem unassessment and refused to reflect it in its accounting.

Because of this, the commission believes that the U.S. joint venture is an excuse and there is a good chance that there will be other reasons.

The actual internal documents show the circumstances in which the accounting changes were made in order to review the merger of Samsung C&T and Cheil Industries that year. https://www.betsarang.com
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