within the last several years of life, Coanda maintains invented a tool of enhancing the operation of inner combustion engines and has managed very important issues of interplanetary journey : antigravity.
Constantin Brancusi born February 19, 1876, Hobita, Gorj : March 16, 1957, Paris was the Romanian sculptor using daunting contributions toward renewal of the language and vinyl sight in contemporary sculpture. One of his most famous works could be the Endless Column, that he made out of some sort of engineer Georgescu Gorjan.
Between 1911 as well as 1914 Henri Coanda worked that technical director during the Aviation Factories at Bristol, England as well as built high-performance propellers out of his own create. In 1912, one of these the best bimonthly aircraft task - till then the planes had a single motor won the initial prize during the International Aviation competition at England Petrescu, 201.
Nicolae Vasilescu-Karpen created December 10, 1870, Craiova - March two, 1964, Bucharest had been a Romanian scientist, engineer, physicist and inventor. He has carried out important groundbreaking work with some sort of field to elasticity, thermodynamics, remote telephony, electrochemistry and civil engineering. Person In some sort of Romanian Academy.
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