Will the return MVP Matt Kemp leave the Dodgers again? MLB.com has selected the top trade item of the 30 Major League Baseball teams, and the Dodgers picked Kemp. 

In an article introducing the best trade deal for 30 teams on Thursday (Korea time), Kemp played 146 games and had a successful return season with 21 homers and 0.81 OPS. But it was less than expected in the postseason. "I had only one homer and one RBI, and OPS only had 0.548," he said. 

Kemp returned to the pro-government team in December last year as a trade between Atlanta and the Dodgers. Kemp returned to the Dodgers, leaving Adrian Gonzales, Brandon  McCarthy, Scott Kazmere and Charlie Cullberson to Atlanta. 

Kemp and the Dodgers now 스포츠토토사이트 have $21.5 million left in one year. "The Dodgers will want to save Kemp's salary," MLB.com reported. 

Kemp played for the Dodgers from 2006 to 2014 but was traded to San Diego ahead of the 2015 season. After being traded to Atlanta again during the 2016 season, he returned to the Dodgers in a flash.